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Full Service Coupling Facility:

Our work scope can include part rework, fastener replacement, balancing to original specifications, or total replacement.

  • Coupling Inspection
  • Thorough Cleaning
  • N.D.E. Inspection
  • Visual Inspection for signs of wear or damage such as corrosion and fretting.

Pictured here are several Couplings in for
cleaning, inspection and repair.

  • Dimensional Inspections
    bore diameter, pilot diameters, lengths, gear diameters, and gear tooth clearance.
  • Fasteners:
    re-use or replace with weight-matched set.
  • Advise user of coupling condition and quote repairs.
  • Expedited Delivery Available

Click Here to see our
3-D animated view of a coupling

Vertical Balancer

  • Repairs:
    Ameridrives (formerly know as Zurn Ind. Inc.), Lucas (formerly Bendix), Centrimarc®, Deck®, Falk, Flexibox, Kop-Flex®, Koppers, Maag, Sier Bath, Thomas, Waldron
  • Replacement
    of all types of couplings
  • Balancing Service (horizontal & vertical)
  • Hobber Fully Crowned gear tooth profile
  • Shaper Gear cutting to 19" diameter
  • Keyways - Keyseat & Wire EDM up to 10.8" length
  • Fine Pitch Thread Rolling

Gear Hobbing Machine. This part is a
Frame 5 Load Coupling Center Section


  • Precision High Speed Gear Couplings
  • Diaphragm Coupling Parts
  • Disc Coupling Parts
  • Standard Couplings
  • API 671 Special Purpose Couplings
  • Special Fasteners (made to order)
  • Plug and Ring Gauges
  • Lapping Tools
  • Installation Tools


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